Important Announcement: CentOS 7 Expiry and Discontinuation

We wanted to take a moment to inform you about an important update regarding the CentOS 7 operating system. As you may be aware, CentOS 7 has reached its end-of-life (EOL) and is no longer being supported by the CentOS project. This means that CentOS 7 will no longer receive security updates, bug fixes, or maintenance patches from the CentOS ... Read More »

26th Mar 2024
Prevent Layer 7 DDOS on Shared Hosting

Prevent DDOS is always challenging. On a shared hosting environment it's always challenging to prevent DDOS and keep your server online. Here is some method which can prevent Layer 7 DDOS attack. 1. ModSecurity with OWASP Rulesets: ModSecurity is an open-source web application firewall (WAF) module that can be integrated with cPanel to ... Read More »

6th Feb 2024
Prevent Layer7 Attack Using Litespeed

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a high-performance web server that can be configured to help mitigate Layer 7 DDoS attacks. Here are some steps you can take to prevent Layer 7 attacks using LiteSpeed: 1. Enable LiteSpeed's Anti-DDoS Features: LiteSpeed Web Server includes built-in features designed to mitigate DDoS attacks, including Layer ... Read More »

24th Jan 2024
Prevent Layer7 DDOS Using CSF Firewall

ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) is primarily designed to protect against various types of attacks, including DDoS attacks. While CSF is not specifically tailored for Layer 7 DDoS prevention, it can still be configured to mitigate some aspects of Layer 7 attacks. Here are some steps you can take to enhance protection against Layer 7 DDoS ... Read More »

20th Jan 2024
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